Transfer To DVD or Thumb Drive

Videotape to DVD

Memories fade.  The average useful life of a VHS tape is about 25 to 30 years if stored properly.  Smaller format videotapes such as Hi 8, Digital 8, MiniDV and others have an even shorter useful life.   Many times these smaller format tapes start to degrade after just 10-12 years.  If you want to keep these special memories for the future, you need to move them to a long-lasting DVD or thumb drive that can be uploaded, edited and shared.

  • Transfer to DVD: $15 per hour of actual footage for first hour, $12.50 for each hour after that
  • Transfer to thumb drive: $20 per hour of actual footage
  • VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8, Beta, MiniDV, Mini DVD
  • No charge for blank or unused portions
  • Next day or 2 day turnaround for most orders
  • Archival quality DVD will last generations
  • Includes custom titles on disk and case
  • Discounts for multiple copies

8mm / Super8 Movie Reels

We are the largest 8mm film transfer company in the nation, and our quality is impeccable.  Watching old movie reels on a projector is a chore, but watching them on DVD is simple and quick.  We transfer over 4 million feet of film every year!

  • 3-inch reels $8.50 / 5-inch $30 / 6-inch $45 / 7-inch $60
  • Each reel is a separate DVD Chapter with title
  • Digital files saved to thumb drive also available
  • Automatic exposure adjustment
  • Free archiving
  • Custom label and case insert
  • 7 - 10 day turnaround
  • All transfers done in house
  • Amazing Quality / True telecine process


We offer two methods of transferring slides to DVD:  DVD-Video or JPEG scans.  If you want to simply watch your slides on television, then transfer to a DVD-Video is right for you.  However, if you want to be able to print, edit or email your slides, then you need JPEG scans.

Slides to DVD-Video

  • 29 cents per slide
  • Exposure adjustment for each slide
  • Ability to pause DVD and view a slide for as long as you want
  • 1000 slides per DVD

 Slides scanned to JPEG

  • 74 cents per slide
  • Total control over image, just like a digital photo
  • 3000 dpi for outstanding clarity